With an educational background in psychology, Helene appreciates the strong correlation between good design and wellbeing. She likes to work with her clients in a nuanced and instinctive way to develop personal, authentic interiors that have a lasting, life enhancing quality. Curiosity, keen listening and subtle observation are fundamental to her design approach, so that clients feel engaged and heard every step of the way.

A starting point for any project is with the space: designs need to be anchored in an architectural context and sensitive to the buildings that house them. If it applies, emphasis is also placed on the inclusion or repurposing of clients’ key pieces right at the beginning: from artworks to heirlooms or a significant collection to make a scheme inclusive.

Helene is passionate about building interiors with character, which stems from growing up in a family with eclectic tastes, an immersion in art, and a willingness to mix the old with the new. Helene encourages bravery with colour and pattern: for clients that prefer more subtle or reduced colour palettes, even a small amount can go a long way.

The privilege of the designer / client relationship cannot be underestimated: Helene knows that the importance of good preparation in the planning stages and effective communication throughout the life of a project will ensure the best outcomes. She wants her clients’ project experience to be exciting, rewarding and fun, whilst taking charge of the detailed administration that goes on in the background. For larger scale projects she will work in a team alongside other design and construction professionals.